Welcome to the International Cellar Club

Thank you to everyone who continued to support Cellar Labels while it was down. The main Cellar Labels website will continue to be a free resource for custom labels and printing templates. You will continue to have access to all that information here in the new private International Cellar Club (ICC).

The ICC is more community driven than ever! Upload your own label creations anytime you want. Here are the new 3 main features:

  1. Share a Label РHere you can upload your own artwork to add to the Community Labels page.
  2. Community Labels – This is where you will find all of the communities contributions. Use the brand drop-down selector to filter by brand or use the search bar to search by the blend.
  3. My Labels – And most importantly, the My Labels page! This is where you can see all the labels that you have uploaded and contributed to the community. Need to rename or update a label? This is where you can easily do so.

Thanks for joining the club. Hopefully, you will find all the labels you need for your cellar here!

Get Printing Templates

All the printing templates a cellarlabels.com are still there. This will take you right to them.

Design and Order Online

We now have a guide for how print labels using the Avery Online Label Designer.

Cellaring Guides

Getting Started: A Brief Overview

Do you already have some jars laying around? Use this guide to jump right into cellaring and storing your tobacco. Other articles will go into more details, but this will get you going right away.

Choosing The Right Jar

There are several different sizes of jars to choose from when cellaring your tobacco. When building up your cellar you should consider how you plan to store your jars and eventually how you will smoke through it. In this guide, we cover the best jars for long term storage, short term storage, and day-to-day use.

Creating Custom Labels: Using a Free Online Photo Editor

Photoshop may be the standard, but not everyone has access. We have found the perfect free alternative and made a guide for everyone to use it.

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